Sunday, June 26, 2022


Mini Miglia 2022

Knowldale 2nd Annual Driving Tests, May 1956

In May 1956, Knowldale promoted the 2nd Annual Driving Tests on the Cattle Market in Rochdale Town Centre.  The market was opposite the Town Hall where the police station now stands. Some may remember it also being the site of the fairground when that came to town.

Early in 2020, Russell Francis contacted us to say he had some 16mm film of a Knowldale event taken by cameraman Stephen Halliday.  Russell kindly sent us the film, which turned out to be a record of the 1956 Driving Tests.  More recently he also sent a programme from the day which you can see here: 1956 Driving Tests Programme.

Long standing members will spot some familiar names in the programme amongst both the organisers and competitors.