Saturday, May 28, 2022


Mini Miglia 2022


The John Clegg Mini Miglia 2021 Touring Assembly


On Saturday 2nd October we gathered by the Cafe Ambio at the Auction Centre off Junction 36 of the M6 for this touring assembly. At 8:00am it was cold and damp so we were glad of the cafe being open and they did a roaring trade of bacon baps and tea.

This was my fifth assembly of the year and I had the experienced navigator Alan Shaw with me but there were two significant differences from the previous four events; The first was that we didn’t get the route until we arrived and there were three different of ways to plot it, tulip diagrams, map references or a mixture of herringbones, grid squares, spot heights, etc. We had plenty of time before our start time so tried to plot the route on the maps (97, 98, 99 & 103) but a couple of bad references meant we would rely on the tulip diagrams which we had planned to do anyway.

The second difference was that there would be code boards throughout the route to ensure we took the correct route. Thankfully the code boards were a big size with two clear letters on each one so once we had seen a couple it was easy to retain the cars speed while reading the letters although given the roads used the speed was never too quick.
By the time we set off the rain had started and continued for most of the day. It was south to Burton in Kendal then across to Docker via a Quiet at Keer Side than on to Arkholme, Gressingham and across the River Lune to Wray. It appears we missed a code board near Wray but don’t know why. 

Heading east we went west to east at a crossroads in GS 6867 which we would see again later in the day. After a left and over the railway the route took the B6480 and A65 to Austwick. From Helwith Bridge it was a quick run down the B6479 to Stainforth before a great run across moorland to Arncliffe. It was then to Kettlewell via Hawkswick and then the awesome road over the moors to Carlton then a left through Melmerby and to West Witton to join the A684. There were then three loops off the A road through Thoralby, Thornton Rust (great name) and Countersett. We couldn’t believe it when we passed Semer Water and saw a few people who had been swimming !.This took us to the Lunch Halt at the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes.

After some replenishment (cake and cheese plus more tea for me) we set off again in the rain with a run along the A684 and a left to pass Garsdale Head and Dent stations. Heading west we approached a road with a sign saying ‘road liable to flooding’ and given the recent rain we were quite apprehensive, bearing in mind my car is a Porsche Boxster with little ground clearance, but thankfully there were only a few puddles so it was passable. Then it was a run down Barbondale to Casterton.
A quick run down the A65 followed a right to Burton in Lonsdale and then High Bentham. Shortly we went south to north at the crossroads we had seen earlier in the day before a run down Lythe Fell to Slaidburn. This moorland road was much like some of the others, i.e. in low cloud. After Newton the route took in Cow Ark and then across to Waddington, West Bradford and Pimlico. After crossing the A59 we went via Worston and Downham to join the A682 at Blacko. From here we headed to the finish at Banny’s Fish & Chip Restaurant by Boundary Mill for a well deserved meal of fish and chips and yet more tea and a chat with the other entrants. It had actually stopped raining when we arrived there but it had started again when we headed home.

I really want to thank all of the organising team for putting on a great event using some cracking roads with very good start, lunch halt and finish venues. The club are considering next year to return to their usual date in March, let’s hope for a drier day.

Les Fragle